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The Dent Xpress Brand Name is growing. Interested in opening your own Dent Xpress branch? Our proven brand and ongoing support offers you the best formula for success. Once you have taken a brief look at our franchise guidelines outlined below please submit an online inquiry using our contact form.

Franchise Guidelines

1) Dent Xpress corporate office will provide franchisee with all training and tools in addition to the commercial name and branding associated with it. All marketing can be purchased optionally from corporate office in return for an upfront cost to cover expenses. Franchise costs are calculated per individual to be trained with a minimum of three technicians.

2) Franchisee will remit preagreed percentage of net sales per year to corporate office, to be calculated on a monthly basis. The exact percentage figure is to cover ongoing support in the business and, as such, is negotiable.

3) Dent Xpress is looking for prospective partners who are enthusiastic, independent, motivated and dynamic and who are able to manage multiple projects simultaneously and effectively. Must show integrity and professionalism with no less than ten years experience in running a business.

4) Unless specified otherwise in contract, Dent Xpress will retain exclusive rights to open more locations in franchisee's home region.

5) Franchisee will be required under contract to follow strict quality control regulations and to uphold the corporate image.